Plot Not Showing Existing Contours

I have been getting several calls lately where customers are claiming that when they go to plot their drawing, the existing contours don’t show up in the preview, or the plot.

Ever heard of Level of Detail?  This is a new feature of Civil 3D 2012.  This feature controls the amount of detail used to display surfaces.

If this feature is turned on, then your existing contours will not show up in your plots or plot previews.  So, in order for it to show up, you must turn your Level of Detail off.

This is located on the View tab of the Ribbon, Views panel…

6-27-2011 3-12-14 PM

You can also tell if the Level of Detail is on by the symbol located by the Visual Styles Control as shown…

6-27-2011 3-12-14 PM


Keep in mind, this is exclusive to Layouts.  If you print in model space, it’s fine.  This only happens in paper space.

Have a great rest of the week!!

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