My Command Line is Missing!!

Some of you might have noticed that with the 2013 products, by default, the command line is floating.

I was teaching class this week and plugged my laptop into a projector that had a screen resolution lower than my initial setting.  When I booted up my Autodesk product, the command line was below the screen.  I couldn’t grab it to drag it back to a spot where I could see it.  I changed my screen resolution back to it’s original setting, and to no avail, the command line stayed where it was, out of the viewing area.


To get the command line back, type in CUI, even though the command line is gone, you should still be able to type this in; alternatively, you can navigate to the Manage tab of the ribbon, Customization panel, and choose User Interface.  In the pane on the left side, click on your current workspace.  This will populate the pane on the right.  Expand Palettes, and click on Command Line.  This will populate the Properties pane just below.

Change the Orientation from Floating to your desired docked position (Above, Below, etc.).

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

Click OK and your command line will be back.  You can then make it floating again by dragging it away from it’s docked position.

Label Survey Figures

If you have taken my Civil 3D Fundamentals class, you know that we bring survey data in, and the linework that is drawn are survey figures.  So in order for us to label the parcels created from the linework, we have to do a Mapcheck and then create a polyline from the Mapcheck.  Then we had to created a parcel from that polyline.  All of that just to label the parcel.

With Civil 3D 2013 you are able to label Survey Figures.

To read more about this, go to Being Civil’s blog and read AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 New Feature: Labeling Survey Figures.

Fix for the New Layout Elements: Inserting North Arrows

There is a new feature in Map 3D and Civil 3D 2013 that will insert a north arrow and a scale bar.  When you click on a viewport, the contextual ribbon appears with new features for inserting north arrows and scale bars…

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

A co-worker of mine noticed that when you insert the north arrow, it is rotated a little bit to the left as shown in the image below…

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

Well after beating our heads against the wall with this, I had an epiphany.  Well the last resort and solution worked.

Type in GEOGRAPHICLOCATION.  Keep in mind, you can only do this command in Model space.  If you try it in Paper space, it will make you aware that you have to be in Model space.

A dialog box will appear…

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

Choose Remove the geographic location.  Then it will prompt you, “All geographic location data will be removed from the drawing.  Do you want to continue?”.  Select Yes.

Erase the north arrow you inserted and re-insert it again.  It should be straight up and down now.

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

Naming Subassemblies

We all know that naming of subassemblies is quite important when it comes to working with corridors.  Once you get into targeting, and you don’t name your subassemblies, you find that it’s extremely hard to figure out what you’re targeting.  That’s if you don’t name the subassemblies accordingly.

With Civil 3D 2013, you will find that they have enhanced the naming of the subassemblies to make this process much easier.

Autodesk has blogged a very good write up on this process.

Please check out the Being Civil blog for AutoCAD Civil 3D New Feature: Naming Assembly Groups and Subassemblies now easier than ever!!!

2013 First Customer Ship Dates

Below is a list of the 2013 products that have been released…

AutoCAD® for Mac®

AutoCAD LT® for Mac®
AutoCAD® Raster Design
AutoCAD® Mechanical
AutoCAD® Electrical
AutoCAD® Inventor LT™ Suite
Autodesk® Inventor®
Autodesk® Inventor LT™
Autodesk® Inventor® OEM
Autodesk® Inventor® Professional
Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher
Autodesk® Simulation CFD
Autodesk® Simulation CFD Advanced
Autodesk® Simulation CFD Motion
Autodesk® Simulation DFM
Autodesk® Simulation Mechanical
Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® Adviser
Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® CAD Doctor
Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® Design Link
Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® Insight
Autodesk® Simulation Multiphysics
Autodesk® Vault Collaboration
Autodesk® Vault Professional
Autodesk® Vault Workgroup
AutoCAD® Map 3D
AutoCAD® Plant 3D
Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server
AutoCAD® Architecture
Autodesk® Quantity Takeoff
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture
Autodesk® Revit® Structure
Autodesk® Revit® MEP
Autodesk® Vault Collaboration AEC