My Command Line is Missing!!

Some of you might have noticed that with the 2013 products, by default, the command line is floating.

I was teaching class this week and plugged my laptop into a projector that had a screen resolution lower than my initial setting.  When I booted up my Autodesk product, the command line was below the screen.  I couldn’t grab it to drag it back to a spot where I could see it.  I changed my screen resolution back to it’s original setting, and to no avail, the command line stayed where it was, out of the viewing area.


To get the command line back, type in CUI, even though the command line is gone, you should still be able to type this in; alternatively, you can navigate to the Manage tab of the ribbon, Customization panel, and choose User Interface.  In the pane on the left side, click on your current workspace.  This will populate the pane on the right.  Expand Palettes, and click on Command Line.  This will populate the Properties pane just below.

Change the Orientation from Floating to your desired docked position (Above, Below, etc.).

4-4-2012 8-46-10 AM

Click OK and your command line will be back.  You can then make it floating again by dragging it away from it’s docked position.


23 thoughts on “My Command Line is Missing!!

    1. LOL. Good catch. I guess that I can shrug that off as a “play of words”. However, you can style type CUI even though the command line is not there. Alternatively, you can go to the Manage tab of the ribbon, on the Customization panel and choose User Interface.

      Thanks for the “call out”. I am fixing it right now.

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