Creating a Ground Coordinate System

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Have you ever wanted to add GIS data that is in GRID to your Civil project that is in Ground through FDO? Here is a two step procedure for creating a Ground Coordinate System. When creating a ground coordinate system for State Plane Zones that use the Lambert Conformal Conic projection there is no place to enter the scale factor. To get around this you must create a custom Ellipsoid.

Sample Scale Factor: 1.000130

First Step: Create a new Ellipsoid Definition

1. In the Map Setup Tab, from the Create dropdown select Create Ellipsoid Definition.

9-3-2013 2-33-59 PM

2. In the Create Ellipsoid window select Create a new ellipsoid from and existing one.


3. Select GRS1980 from the list. In the Create Ellipsoid window hit Next.

4. In the Modify ellipsoid window, Modify Code: by appending the County Name (or project name).

5. Copy and paste the value from the Inverse…

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