AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 SP4 Released

Below are the resolutions addressed in the SP4


  • The Coordinate Geometry Editor now accepts Degrees/Minutes/Seconds in a spaced format.

Corridor Design

  • An issue that caused feature lines to not display as expected has been resolved.

  • An issue that caused errant feature lines to be generated between stations has been resolved.

Cross Sections

  • Volume tables now remain as saved when reopening the drawing.
  • Non-orthogonal sample lines now sample corridor links as expected.

Data Shortcuts

  • Profiles are no longer duplicated in multiple alignments.
  • An issue that caused pipes and pipe labels to not plot as expected has been resolved.

  • Creating a reference to a grid surface no longer causes the application to close unexpectedly.


  • The performance of tooltips has been improved.


  • Alignment labels using the crows foot block are now aligned as expected.


  • When importing LandXML data, alignments are now imported to the specified drawing layer.

Pipe Networks

  • The structure style block rotation is now aligned with the 3D solid.
  • The Part Matchup Settings for Box to Box and Elliptical to Elliptical are no longer being ignored.

Project Managment

  • DwgRelPath retains leading periods on Windows XP based workstations.
  • An error is no longer generated when checking in a drawing with a reference, when the reference drawing is checked out by another user.


  • Station Equations now work as expected when the decreasing option is used.


  • Waterdrop polylines now display proper linetype generation.
  • New surfaces created from a DEM now use the user specified coordinate system.


  • The diagram in the Create Superelevation View dialog box is now displayed as expected when the alignment is referenced.


  • The stability of traverse analysis has been improved.
  • The latitudes and departures for the face 2 observations are now calculated as expected.
  • The accuracy of the traverse analysis report has been improved.
  • An issue that caused incorrect survey backsight calculations has been resolved.
  • An issue that prevented the use of the Crandall rule when adjusting with a mapcheck or a bearing traverse has been resolved.
  • Accuracy when using a reciprocal observation field book file has been improved.

You can download the service pack here.


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