Update On Using Your Smartphone for Geo-locating Pictures

If you read my blog about Using Images From Your iPhone That Are Geo-referenced, you know that it took 2 programs to complete the procedure.  Well my co-worker Jeff Juniewich has figured out a way to just use Civil 3D or Map 3D by using an expression.

In my previous blog, I demonstrated that you need to rename some fields in Global Mapper, the export back out.  You do not have to do this.  You can change all of this with an expression.  However, you still need to get your image into a .shp file.  You can do this with GeoJot+.  Read my blog post about GeoJot+.

Once the pictures have been converted to .shp file, connect the .shp file through the Map Task Pane…


First, I will convert the arrow direction with an expression that will illustrate the direction the photo was taken.

In the Style Editor…


The expression will be to add a hyphen (-) for the direction…




Now we will add a tooltip that will open the picture.


In order for a tooltip to open up the actual image in it’s file location, it must act like a web address.  For example if your image in located in C:\Images, the backslash needs to be changed to a forward slash with file://C:/.


In the expression I will designate where my image files are…


Now you can hover your cursor over one of the arrows and hold the CTRL key and click.  It will open the image file…




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