InfraWorks 360

Now that you are familiar with working inside InfraWorks, get ready for a HUGE change.  The User Interface (UI) has been significantly revamped.  It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it and find what I was looking for.

When you start InfraWorks, it immediately requires you to sign in to your Autodesk 360 account.  We will start by looking at the initial “home” page…

Start Page

You can see the area I drew a box around has many new options for design within InfraWorks.  You have the option to turn some of these features on or off.  There are now options for Bridge Design, Drainage Design, Model Builder (which I will show later in the post) and a Watershed Analysis.

Now let’s look at the new UI…


Notice that the ribbon is gone!  There is now a couple of select “buttons”.  Clicking on one of these buttons will offer a couple of options…


These choices will allow you to select more features to use.  For example, if you pick on the pencil, it will give you the editing functionality.  I clicked on the cube icon to get the choices shown below…


Now are some of the commands looking familiar?

One of the newer functions, which is in preview mode for now, is the Model Builder.  What this functions does is allow you to input an address or location for a desired area.  It will then zoom in to that area…

model builder

Now you have to option to select the are you want by drawing a rectangle.  Optionally, you can do the extents of what is shown.  Keep in mind, you must have a group set up on Autodesk 360 to do this.  Click Create Model.  It may take up to 15 minutes, but you will receive an email from Autodesk


What happens is, InfraWorks goes out to the internet and grabs the aerial, the terrain, and creates the streets and/or buildings…

model builder2

Keep in mind, the aerial is not that great, but it can be replaced in your data sources with a better aerial.

Well good luck, it’s going to take some getting used to!

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