Chain Link Fence in InfraWorks 

This has came up all over the Autodesk forums. Keep in mind, you can create just about anything using this method.

The Journey Adviser

Have you ever had the need to use semitransparent style like a chain link fence in InfraWorks?  Converting a typical barrier fence to a chain link fence is pretty easy to do, just follow these steps!

To get something that looks like this…
To look like this…

Step 1:
I think this is probably obvious because almost EVERYTHING starts with google, but that’s where we start.  Do a quick google search for your favorite “Chain Link Fence” image.  I found one that looks like this:


Step 2:
InfraWorks will treat any image with color as an opaque object.  That being said, if you remove the color from an image making that portion transparent, it will observe that transparency.  So, I use a free product called Gimp or Autodesk Pixlr, but you can use any image editing software to remove the background from the image you are using.  This should…

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Cursor Badge Getting in the Way?

As most of you know, Autodesk’s 2015 products have what is called a cursor badge.  This is the little icons that show up next to the cursor while in a command.  See below for an example…


This does not bother me one bit.  It just takes some getting used to.  However, this can be turned off. Keep in mind, this is only available with Service Pack 1.

It is a system variable called CURSORBADGE.

1 – Turn off all new badges
2 – Turn on all badges (Default)

Badges that will be disabled:

    • Selection – cross and window selection
    • Inspection
    • Deletion
    • Copy
    • Move
    • Rotate
    • Scale
    • Zoom
    • Add vertex
    • Covert to arc
    • Hatch inherit property