Adding Help Files to Subassembly Composer

Brian Hailey at Civil 3D Plus blog posted this. Great Job Brian!

Civil 3D Plus

So, I was doing some work for a client, creating some custom subassemblies, and I created a document that I wanted to include as a help file. When working in Subassembly Composer, on the Packet Settings tab, there is an option to include a help file.

Add Help File Add Help File

When you select the ellipsis (that’s the button with the three periods…) you can browse for the file and it shows you the allowable file types.

Available File Types Available File Types

As you can see, you can choose .htm, .html, .pdf, .doc, .docx, and .txt. Just a tip,


That’s right, want to add a .pdf as a help file, nope not gonna happen. To be honest, the html options sorta work but not like what you would expect. If you choose a .pdf file, when you right click on your subassembly on your tool palette and choose, “help”, you’ll…

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