New & Updated Solutions: First & Second Week of June

Autodesk has posted to their AutodeskHelp forum the new and updated solutions.  Thanks Jessica!

First Week of June:



Can wall roughness be applied to a surface material on a fluid part?

Does an internal fan need be surrounded completely by other parts?

Gravity is taken in account in a free surface model

How to capture a fan performance at different rotational velocities

How to download Simulation Composite Analysis 2015.1 from Autodesk Account

Is it possible to re-use an adapted mesh on a cloned design with modified geometry?

MESHING – how to generate mesh with square elements for a cylinder

Navigation tab overlaps the result display dialog


Installation and Licensing

Application Manager doesn’t update and there is no progress (spinning black circles)

Error 1625 when installing Revit Update Release

flexNet Licensing error:-97,121 trying to start FLEXLM

System requirements for Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2016

Why is the Moldflow release not visible in Autodesk Application Manager


3ds Max

Backburner Error sending on UDP: An address incompatible with the requested protocol was used. (0x27…


Advance Steel

Advance Steel: drawings exported to 3D DWF not orbiting correctly in Design Review
Advance Steel: Failing to create details in deep subfolder – path character limit
Advance Steel: New AISC 14.1 profiles don’t load in KISS file
Advance Steel: Wrong main part number (%MainPartPosNum) in section cut view title



AutoCAD tool palettes deleted from network location

Cannot lock or unlock multiple viewports using the status bar icon

How to add breaks to dimension lines in AutoCAD

How to turn drawing file tabs on an off in AutoCAD

Many JPEG images in a drawing can crash AutoCAD 2016

Slow startup of AutoCAD 2016 Products 5 – 10 minutes


AutoCAD Architecture

Cannot find CISC steel details in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP


AutoCAD Civil 3D

Data Shortcut node visibility in prospector


AutoCAD Map 3D

How to update Attributes in Job enabled Industry Model

Can’t read WMS in Map served by AIMS



Cannot find CISC steel details in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP

Changing the drawing scale results in changes to DIMSCALE in AutoCAD MEP


BIM 360 Field

Subcontractor Cannot View Issues Through Issues Tab



Email notifications are not working in CFD 2015

How to create a paint material with 85% reflectivity

How to measure the flow in multiple channels with a single cut plane

Launching a solid sphere into CFD 2016 causes a UI exit

Solution convergence quality seems to be affecting the velocity close to the Slip/Symmetry surface


Helius Composite

How to add lamina and laminate level data directly to a report

How to download Simulation Composite Analysis 2015.1 from Autodesk Account

Where to find help for Helius Composite


Helius PFA

Error: “Failed to create abaqus results file (.odb)” when optimizing a multi-harness material in Mat…



Can we get multiple options for Corridor Optimisation?

Infraworks: Randomize People



After adding geometry to existing contour flange other feature are losing reference

Balloon Arrowhead changes unexpectedly to point

Differences on weight between flat pattern and folded

Error: “There are external dependencies found in the document”

How to share materials and appearances

Image Filtering setting does not work in Inventor Studio 2016

Importing large 3D DWG files will cause Inventor 2015 to hang

Incorrect drawing view of Contour Rolled part

Inventor 2016: Some textures and cutouts not visible in shaded view

Project Cut Edges generates unexpected results

Sorting BOM in subassembly not respected in top assembly
System requirements for Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2016

Tube and Pipe Styles are removed from Assembly when opened


Is it possible to use a custom model for the Material Viewer in Maya

Maya crashes often on random tasks and has UI issues
Maya opens fine at home, but at work it hangs on opening



Black boxes appear over study properties pop-up on results plots in Moldflow Synergy 2016

Moldflow Insight solvers on Linux
Moldflow license usage tracking tool

Rapid heating and cooling circuit velocity 3D : not able to switch to path lines
Why is the Moldflow release not visible in Autodesk Application Manager



Error: “Warning S1118: SECURITY DEVICE NOT FOUND” when running an analysis in Nastran


Nastran In-CAD

What analysis type to pick for a pre-stressed buckling analysis with varied boundary conditions in N…



Error: XML File is invalid

Navisworks: Reset transforms does not work for root node



Collaboration for Revit | Incorrect user information.

Collaboration for Revit: Slow performance when more users in a model

Error 1625 when installing Revit Update Release

Revit: How to coordinate new model into existing shared coordinates


Simulation Mechanical

How to add nodes to a pre-exisitng graph in Simulation Mechanical

Run-time error ‘91’: Object variable or With block variable not set

Simulation Mechanical 2016 crashes when attempting to launch

Unable to upgrade 2015 file to 2016

What versions of solidworks files are available for import into SImulation Mechanical 2016



Cannot add new material in a specific Vault Project

Object lines grey in PDF

Vault 2015 precheck error ASPX file failed to run at URL: http://localhost/TestASP/TestASPNet.aspx
Vault server 2016 installation error: Failed connecting to SQL Server



How to choose to take materials from the asset library when importing data into VRED

How to render out a spherical image in VRED



Second Week of June:



Error: The Autodesk service is not available

How can run-times be reduced?

How to change incorrect email address in your Autodesk Account

Rules for assigning Named Users on Desktop Subscription

Why is transient analysis stopping prior to stop time?

Installation and Licensing

Maximum number of computers permitted for Desktop Subscription

When using the Mac NLM, the commands to start server will not run in Terminal (command not…


3ds Max

3ds Max – Errors after repairing user profiles
3ds Max daylight system crash error


Advance Steel

Advance Steel: Anchors cannot import from 2015.1 to 2016 during migration
Advance Steel: Displacement of cut view symbol away from the detail view
Advance Steel: How to use databases from a network computer
Advance Steel: Numbering a part or assembly drawing from a Pre-Fix only
Advance Steel: User connection with brick joint “Bolts on plate” is not working correct for specific…


Error when re importing an exported iges file into Alias

How to create a carbon Shader in Alias



.ADT files get created when saving DWG drawings

AutoCAD products crash with DirectX 9 virtual device

Cannot extract edges and corners from point cloud in AutoCAD

Error: “One or more serious failures were detected during the upgrade process.” when reloading xrefs…

How to customize the order of a flyout command in the Ribbon

Massprop not displaying Moment of Inertia in vanilla AutoCAD

Open foreign DWG file message appears in AutoCAD

Purging empty groups causes a delay in opening a drawing


AutoCAD Architecture

Fillet not working on walls in AutoCAD Architecture

SELECTSIMILARMODE does not work in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP

Xref in View drawing not found in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP


AutoCAD Civil 3D

Civil 3D 2016 Pipe structures draw incorrect in profile view


AutoCAD Map 3D

How to use Geom filter like buffer from AutoCAD Map Layer in Industry Model Form



SELECTSIMILARMODE does not work in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP

Xref in View drawing not found in AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD MEP


AutoCAD Plant 3D

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016: Error message when opening the spec editor
AutoCAD Plant 3D: Asymmetrical iso symbol for coupling drawn with incorrect orientation

How to create an isometric drawing using a pcf-file

How to use reducer with bigger nominal diameter when using option “pipeFitting” during piping

Plant 3D: Project migration to newer version


BIM 360 Field

BIM 360 FIeld – Daily Updates is not working for the 1st of the month
BIM 360 Field – Locations will not show-up in the set-up



How does CFD calculate a blower pressure drop when there are multiple inlets?

How to determine the time scale of a steady state CFD simulation

How to identify the operating point of a pump or fan

How to track the propagation of a jet of air over time


Fusion 360

Change Parameters function is missing

Fusion 360 will not install if the variable %LOCALAPPDATA% is not set

On laptops with dual graphic cards, Fusion 360 is using the integrated graphics card.

The entire Data Panel space is shown in black

Where can I find training resources for Fusion 360



2016 selected content center language not maintained

Default ViewCube orientation settings cannot be exported

How Inventor calculates the flat pattern length based on bend table ?

Inventor 2016s Simplify is setting units to CM instead of MM

Problem with Rendered Images showing break thru in Inventor studio



Backburner and Maya are writing files in incorrect format

File menu is slow when the “Send To” feature is active



3D mesh repair wizard creates fatal error 304628

You have an intricate runner design and are unsure how to model it in Moldflow Adviser



How to determine if bsconp is working correctly for Autodesk Nastran

Nastran In-CAD

Multiple subcases for a linear buckling analysis in Nastran In-CAD



Navisworks | Long time to open a Revit file.
Navisworks: “This DGN file contains objects that are not supported” when importing DGN into Naviswor…
Navisworks: Modified Inventor IAM/IPT files cause all/most clashes to be resolved.
Navisworks: Viewpoint rotates 180 degrees when clicking on clash result

Selection Sets are not imported from exported XML file



Error message when assigning a coordinate system to a project in ReCap
Where to see and to edit the path of attached rcs-files in Autodesk ReCap


Mouse randomly stops working with Material Browser

No Loss or ASHRAE Table in the Properties Palette for fittings…

Revit Deployment Project Path Setting defaulting to C:\ drive
Revit MEP: How to change system type for a Pipe System


Simulation Mechanical

** WARNING: Unreasonable elasto-plastic material model!

How to specify number of cores used by solver in Simulation Mechanical



VRED Sequencer error “Nodevariant does not have a child”



Installing Vault server on a subscriber, a pre-check error appears: Checking for existing Vaults wit…

Vault installation error: ASPX file failed to run at URL: http://localhost/TestASP/TestASPNet.aspx

Wrong item in item BOM structure deleted

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