AutoCAD Map 3D 2017 Service Pack 1

Autodesk has posted Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD Map 3D 2017. You can find it in your Autodesk Application Manager.

The issues resolved in this service pack include the following:

FDO Raster

  • Map 3D doesn’t work when repairing the existing Raster Image or Surface connection.


  • Map 3D freezes when MAPIMPORT or MAPEXPORT some SHP file.


  • Map 3D stops working if MAPTOACAD some customer’s data on Win8.1 and Win10.


  • Map 3D stops working when running command ADEEDITDATA and selecting the polygon in some drawing.

Info Center

  • Info Center is still shown when the corresponding registry entry is set to 0.


  • Map 3D cannot connect to some WMS server.

Industry Model

  • Filter saved in display model doesn’t work when generate graphic with this display model.
  • Working with structure internal in Electric Explorer may cause Map 3D to stop working.


  • Missing csupdate.exe in folder %installDir%\map\.
  • Map 3D crashes when opening some particular DWG file.
  • Fixing ATIL Security vulnerability.

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