AutoCAD 2020.1.2 Update

Autodesk has just released the 2020.1.2 update. In the update, you will find the below fixes addressed in the update:

Fixed Issues

Problems Reported Through the Customer Error Reporting Utility

As a result of the detailed information that they received from customers who used the Customer Error Reporting Utility, they were able to identify and fix several defects including the following:

Occasional crashes when inserting certain blocks from the Blocks palette.
Occasional crashes when exploding a block that fills the drawing area.
In the AutoCAD Mechanical 2020 toolset, occasional crashes when adding blocks to the tool palette and then saving the drawing.
Plot and print PDF
Occasional crashes when publishing or plotting certain drawings to PDF files.
Occasional crashes when zooming within drawings that include attached PDF files.
In the AutoCAD Mechanical 2020 toolset, occasional crashes when creating chain dimensions off vertical dimensions.

Fixed Defects in the Update

The following additional defects have been fixed:

Blocks that include multiple text objects using TrueType fonts now display correctly when scaled.
Multileader blocks can be edited successfully when saving a drawing with multiple layouts as a DXF file.
Nested blocks with layer colors set to the Byblock layer now display the correct colors.
Plot and Publish
Certain drawings with xrefs can now be published successfully.
Frozen layers in model space now do not affect the drawing extents when plotting and displaying previews.
The English-Korean keyboard toggle now works correctly.
Palette title bar icons now display correctly with all language packs.
WMF files can be exported when a drawing includes center lines.

2 thoughts on “AutoCAD 2020.1.2 Update

  1. I don’t know how prevalent it is. But after installing the update the Viewport Controls color was set to the background color. Making them invisible.

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