2018 Rollout Event Coming Soon

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CST

Discover the new features, enhancements, workflow, and collaboration tools in the Autodesk and Graitec 2018 product portfolio.


Join us as our industry experts showcase the latest functionalities and workflow that will increase productivity and efficiency in your organization, as well as, improve communication throughout projects. As a special treat, we are excited to announce Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager, Heidi Hewett, will be joining us to present AutoCAD Tips & Tricks.


AutoCAD Tips & Tricks with Heidi Hewett

Increase your drawing productivity by decreasing clicks and picks! In this session, you will learn the latest tips and tricks from AutoCAD 2017 & 2018 as well as some hidden gems from previous releases.


Heidi Hewett has dedicated her career to educating people on the use of AutoCAD. She began using AutoCAD as a student in 1986, and soon after earning her BS in architectural engineering, Heidi transitioned from being an Autodesk customer to being an Autodesk employee. In her role as the AutoCAD Technical Marketing Manager, Heidi assists the Marketing Team in developing and delivering technical marketing material for AutoCAD software. She continues to educate Autodesk customers, partners, and employees through Webcasts, seminars, and blog posts.


Architecture, Engineering, Construction Session

  • What’s New in Revit 2018
  • GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit 2018
  • GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers for Revit 2018
  • Collaboration for Revit
  • BIM 360 Team Overview
  • BIM 360 Docs Overview

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Infrastructure Solutions Session

  • What’s New in Civil 3D 2018
  • What’s New in InfraWorks 2018

InfraWorks Design Slam We need 3 interested candidates to participate in this year’s design slam. There will be prizes! If you’re interested, email Todd.Rogers@graitec.com.

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Manufacturing Session

  • What’s New in Inventor 2018
  • Fusion Modeling
  • Inventor & Fusion Collaboration – The Total Engineering Solution

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Plant & Advance Steel Session

  • What is New in Plant 3D 2018
  • Advance Steel/Plant 3D Collaboration
  • Advance Steel 2018 Overview
  • Advance Design Connection and Advance Steel Collaboration

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*Please mention which breakout sessions you’re attending when registering for the 2018 event.

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May eNews

Total CAD Systems, Inc. May eNews

Industry News & Schedule of Events

tcad tree

Keep up with Total CAD Systems, Inc.’s latest news, promotions, and schedule of events.

“What’s New in 2016” Product Launch Event



EXPLORE THE AUTODESK 2016 SOFTWARE AT OUR ANNUAL PRODUCT LAUNCH EVENT. Don’t miss our “What’s New in 2016” event as our industry experts showcase the 2016 Autodesk product features, tips and tricks, new Autodesk Account site navigation and benefits, and much more.


When: June 24th – 26th

Where: Total CAD Office

Time: 9am to 4pm


Topics include:

  • What’s New in AutoCAD 2016
    • Enhanced PDFs, Coordination models, Visual enhancements, Sysvar monitor
  • What’s New in Revit 2016
    • Revision enhancements, A360 Collaboration for Revit, Specification-driven ductwork, Rebar improvements, New structural section properties
  • What’s New in Civil 3D 2016
    • Import/export IFC Files, Exclusionary Catchments, Crossing Pipe Labels, Creating solids from surfaces
  • What’s New in Infraworks 360 2016
    • Updated features in Model Builder, Roadway enhancements, Bridge enhancements, Ddded watersheds and culverts
  • What’s New in Inventor 2016
    • New sheet metal capabilities, DWG underlays, Drawing creation enhancements
  • What’s New in Plant 3D 2016
    • New pipe routing offsets and tolerances, Updated unassigned Lines Groups, Simplified SDK model editing, Isometric drawings updates
  • …and more


More details to follow for our upcoming 2016 event.

Autodesk Announced 2016 Design and Creation Suites

Autodesk Design and Creation Suites 2016 have officially been released and will be coming to your Autodesk Account soon. Autodesk Subscription Contract Managers will receive email notifications from the Autodesk Subscription Team regarding 2016 availability.


If you do not know who your Subscription Contract Manager is, please email PPadamada@tcadsys.com.

Autodesk will be kicking off the Autodesk Answer Days series with the one and only AutoCAD!

Have AutoCAD® or AutoCAD LT® questions that you’ve always wanted to ask? Come spend a minute, an hour, or the whole day in the Autodesk Community to interact directly with the folks who bring you your favorite CAD software!


When: Thursday, May 7th

Time: 8am to 8pm


It’s easy. It’s free. It’s all about AutoCAD®.

Come to the Autodesk Community and post your AutoCAD® or AutoCAD LT® questions! Engage in real time conversation with the teams and experts that develop and support AutoCAD®:

  • Product Designers
  • QA Analysts
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service
  • Community Managers

When you visit the AutoCAD Answer Day on May 7th, the CREATE NEW POST button will be available for posting questions. And there’s no limit on how many questions you can ask, we’re up for the challenge!


Join Autodesk at this special online event on May 7th!


AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals

May 26th – 29th

June 8th – 11th


AutoCAD Fundamentals

June 1st – 4th


AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial

June 17th – 18th


Email Nhi Hong to register for training or for more information.

Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event

For only $45, you can become an Autodesk Certified Professional at our Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event.


The Open Door Certification Event Day is Friday, May 8th


Follow these steps to register:

  1. Register your information at www.autodeskoffer.com/odc
  2. Enter in the SITE ID: AM0045 to select Total CAD Systems as your Certification Center.
  3. Select the exam you’d like to take.


You can find more information on these exams including exam road maps by visiting www.autodesk.com/certification.

Autodesk AEC Event Center

Autodesk is introducing Autodesk AEC Event Center, which allows you to view online and in-person events related to the Building Design, Fabrication, Construction, and Infrastructure industry.


To see what events are coming up in the AEC industry, click here.

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Total CAD Systems’ April eNews

tcad tree

Industry News & Schedule of Events

Keep up with Total CAD Systems, Inc.’s latest news, promotions, and schedule of events.


“Dive Into 2015” Event 

with Special Guest Lynn Allen

Join us at our annual Product Launch Event and dive into the new features and functionalities of the 2015 Autodesk software. Learn new tips & tricks from our industry experts, see how to utilize multiple products in the Autodesk Suites for ultimate project workflow, and attend our Special Guest Speaker, Lynn Allen’s, AutoCAD Tips and Tricks presentation.  

When: June 10, 2014

Time: 8am to 3pm CST

Where: Houston Food Bank Conference Center

535 Portwall Street

Houston, TX 77029

Lynn Allen, Cadalyst columnist and Autodesk Technical Evangelist, speaks to more than 30,000 users worldwide each year. For the past 22 years she has written a column for Cadalyst magazine called “Circles and Lines” and is the voice behind the popular Cadalyst videos -“Tips and Tricks with Lynn Allen”.  Lynn started using Autodesk® software over 25 years ago, and taught at the corporate and collegiate level for 13 years before joining Autodesk.  A sought-after public speaker with a unique comedic style, Lynn is always one of the highest rated speakers and host of Autodesk University®. The author of three AutoCAD books, her latest is entitled AutoCAD  Professional Tips and Techniques.

More information coming soon.

Subscription Benefits

Autodesk Subscription is no longer the name of the software maintenance program offered by Autodesk; it is now the umbrella brand for all of the Subscription offerings provided by Autodesk, including the following options:

See what Subscription offerings will best fit your organization’s needs.

Do you know how to manage your Subscription Benefits?

Read more here.

The 2015 software is available for download. If it does not show up in your Subscription Account, your 2015 upgrade has not been released by Autodesk. You will receive an email notification from the Autodesk Subscription Team when it becomes available for download. Helpful links.

To request media: Subscription Customers can request media through Subscription Center or let their Total CAD Rep know they would like media, and we can request on their behalf.

For more information, visit our Subscription page or call our office (281) 445-6161. 

Autodesk Upgrade Discount Promotion

Transformation is coming

Beginning February 1, 2015, upgrades from previous releases will only be available with Autodesk® Subscription. Upgrade today and add Subscription so you’ll always have the latest software at your fingertips. 

From now through April 25, 2014, product upgrades to the following current releases are eligible for a discount when purchased with one year of Subscription.

Eligible License Upgrades with Subscription Purchase*:

  • Autodesk Design or Creation Suite Ultimate, Premium, Standard
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2014
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® for Mac
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Raster Design
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Architecture
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Map3D
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® MEP
  • Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage
  • Autodesk® Navisworks® Simulate
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® P&ID
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D
  • Autodesk® Revit® Architecture/Revit® MEP/Revit ®Structure
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Utility Design
  • Autodesk® 3ds Max®
  • Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Electrical
  • Autodesk® Inventor®/Inventor® Engineer-to-Order/Inventor Professional /Inventor® Publisher
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD® Mechanical
  • Autodesk® Vault®/ Autodesk® Vault® Professional/ Autodesk® Vault®Workgroup   

*Eligible perpetual Autodesk product upgrades include previous version upgrades listed in the Q1 GFP Upgrade Autodesk Eligibility Matrix (1-6x previous releases) (“Eligible Products”). All upgrades to and/or from any release of Autodesk® AutoCAD LT®, Autodesk® Inventor LT™, Autodesk® Revit LT™, Autodesk® AutoCAD® Inventor LT™ Suite and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Revit LT™ Suite products are excluded from this offer. Subscription benefits are subject to Autodesk® Subscription terms and conditions.

For more information about the Autodesk Upgrade Policy Change and promotion, please review the FAQ, visit our promotions page or call the office at (281) 445-6161. 

Autodesk AutoCAD LT Portfolio Upgrade Promotion

From March 28th, 2014 until April 25th, 2014, customers can receive up to a 30% discount off the Autodesk SRP on the purchase of a qualifying upgrade license of Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2015, Autodesk AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2015, and Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2015. This offer is only available on the electronically licensed download upgrade licenses when Autodesk Maintenance Subscription is attached. 

For more information, visit our promotions page or call (281) 445-6161.

In This Issue

Save the Date

Subscription Benefits

Autodesk Upgrade Discount

AutoCAD LT Upgrade Promotion

Training Schedule

Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event


AutoCAD Fundamentals

May 5th – 8th

AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals 

May 19th – 22nd

Email Nhi Hong to register for training or for more information.

Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event Day

Join us at an Autodesk Open Doors Certification Event. 

For only $35, you can become an Autodesk Certified Professional!

Open Door Certification Event Day:

May 2nd, 2014

Follow these steps to register:

Register your information at www.autodeskoffer.com/odc
Select the exam you’d like to take
Enter in the Site ID: AM0045 to select Total CAD Systems as your Certification Center.

You can find more information on these exams including exam road maps by visiting www.autodesk.com/certification

Future Open Door Certification Event Dates*:

September 12th, 2014
October 3rd, 2014 

*Registration for these dates will not be live until previous Open Door date has passed.  

Attendees will be entered into a draw to win a Microsoft Surface 2 10.6″ 32GB Windows 8.1 RT Tablet. Your name will be entered each time you purchase an exam so the more exams you purchase, the better chance you have of winning.

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